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 As You Like It 

Director: Karen Sabo

Scene Designer: Randy McMullen

Lighting Designer: Rachel Lake

Assistant Costume Designer: Stella Vatnsdal

Wig & Makeup Designer: Savannah Willis

Photography: Becky Vanderveen


In this rendition of As You Like It, we are presented with two distinct worlds: The World of the Court, where structure and authority dictate identity, and The World of Arden, a magical and healing forest that allows its inhabitants to love freely and connect unapologetically with themselves and those around them. 

To tell this story from a costume perspective, The Court is ingrained in Black & Gold with harsher, more structured lines.  There is a clear and present Elizabethan influence in these silhouettes that emanate a restrictive feel.  Arden, on the other hand, is a world of color and elements of patchwork, embroidery, knit work, & florals.  The silhouettes in Arden are more modern and free with certain Elizabethan touches to visually depict the acceptance and healing of this magical forest.


Production Photos

The Court


"Will U Be My Bride"

The Wrestling Match

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